As the name implies nano saltwater reef tank means small salt water tanks that is consist of reefs which can not hold more than 30 gallons. It is a must to be vigilant when choosing the best suited small sized slat water fish for your tank. In this article I intend to educate you on the five best nano saltwater fish out there and why I consider them as such.

1.Dwarf Pygmy Coral Beauty Angelfish

coral beauty angelfish
As its name says this is one of the smallest fish breeds out there. They also tend to be very active which helps continuous motion in your fish tank. Although they are bit on the expensive side,they enhances the color arrangement in your aquarium. They are not only eye-catching but also reef-safe and durable as well.

2.Pajama Cardinal Fish

pajama cardinal fish

This is the most commonly bought fish by hobbyists who owns nano saltwater fish tank. They are small, very inexpensive and very low effort as they feed on variety of food. One of their unique features is that they carry their eggs inside their mouths before they hatch.

3.Royal Gramma

royal gramma

Royal Gramma is probably the most beautiful fish which is compatible for nano saltwater tanks. They derive their name from the purple and bright yellow color which was considered the colors of royalty in Ancient Sumer and Egyptian Civilizations. They are shy creatures who prefer to hide behind rocks and coral formations in your saltwater tank. However whenever they come out of their hiding places they put out a show of beauty which is breathtaking.

4.Neon Gobies

neon gobies

Although collectively referred to as neon gobies there are 24 known varieties of these elacatinus, neon gobies being the most recognized of the species. They are a great addition to your nano saltwater fish tank as they not only clean the tank of organic waste but also eat ectoparasites that dwell on other fish in the tank. Their favorite past time is parking themselves on their pelvic fins and waiting motionless until a bigger fish with ectoparasites on it or a floating food particle go past them.

5.Clown Fish

clown fish

There are 30 odd different variants of clown fish out there. They are one of the most popular breed of fish among nano saltwater fish tank owners. They tend to swim in pairs and add color to your aquarium. Also keep in mind they reproduce more rapidly than any other fish mentioned here.