They are majestic. They are joyful to watch .and raising them can be stress free if you adhere to the tips I’m going to offer you in this article.

Native to Amazon Basin, discus fish (symphysodon) is maybe the most colorful fish out there.they are affectionately known as the kings of the aquarium.
There are 3 known different varieties and debate is ongoing whether some scientific names assigned to them is valid.

If you wish to raise discus fish first thing on your mind is having a fish tank with the volume of at least 80 gallons. Tall aquariums are preferred as they are compatible with the body shape of the discus fish. They are sensitive to disease so maintaining a clean aquarium is a must. Regular water changes is a highly recommended. Discus fish prefer warm, soft and acidic water. pH level should be between 6.0 – 7.0. Water hardness should be between 1 – 4 degrees (18 to 70 ppm). Water temperature should be around 90 °F (32 °C). If you keep your aquarium in a cold area be sure to install an aquarium heater in order to maintain the correct water temperature. Make sure you use a quality bio-filter as well. Always buy an over-size filter. It should be capable of clearing out heavy metals and chlorine from the water but wouldn’t affect the pH level. It would be convenient if you buy an overhead filter considering the relative ease it’d be cleaned weekly. Discus fish prefer calm and still water. Also make sure your aquarium has a plenty of broad leaf plants, driftwood and rocks where they could hide behind.

discus fish tank

Your aquarium should be located at a place that doesn’t see a lot of activity. Loud voices, moving shadows, shutting of doors loudly, slightest of vibrations and ripples could make the discus fish unsettled.

They are extremely intelligent creatures. They could recognize their owner whenever he comes around to feed them by tapping on the aquarium glass.

tetra brine shrimpThey love feasting on live food such as worms,crustaceans, brine shrimp. However bear in mind these live food sources could carry bacteria and parasites that are harmful to discus fish. You can substitute these live-food with shrimp pellets, spiriluna flakes, algae wafers, tropical granules, etc. Although it does not falls under their natural diet you’d still feed them beef hearts from time to time in order to add variety to their diet. Remember these are highly intelligent creatures who could get bored easily. Pay attention to their feeding habits closely. Best way to avoid overfeeding is letting them only eat what they can consume within 2-3 minutes.

They are difficult to breed especially if they are in a communal tank. They tend to eat their own eggs when other fish around.So isolating the couple while mating period is a good idea.

The ideal aquarium mates for them are cardinal and rummynose tetras, clown loaches, dwarf cichlids and neons.