I often have to make a trip to the pet store to get something for one of my two cats, or to buy a gift for someone else. When we go in, my daughter is happy to be there, and she always runs right over to the aquarium fish before she looks at anything else. She keeps asking me if we can have some for our home, but I am just not ready to get them yet. I have two cats that I know would cause problems, and I don’t think we have the room for something large enough that would be more secure. The time will come though, as I like the fish too.

The first aquarium fish that she wants to get is a clown fish. She has seen the movie Nemo, and she is sure that the fish she sees in the store is the very same fish. We have yet to find one that looks like Dory, but I am sure they are out there somewhere. When I get around to getting aquarium fish, I don’t think I will be able to get away with not getting a clown fish, but I do want to have a large variety of them in the same tank.

I do know that some fish can not live with other aquarium fish. There are some that might eat the others, so I will have to do some research to see which ones I can get, and then make my choices from the information. Anyone who wants to get some aquarium fish should do the same research. If you go to pet store, the people who work there should also be able to help with this type of information, and they should also be able to recommend everything needed for a fully functional and happy aquarium.

When buying aquarium fish, you do have to be careful where you buy them. There are some places that have these fish, but they may not be in the best shape. You may find that they die shortly after you bring them home if you get them from someone or some place that has not cared for them. If this happens, you may or may not be able to get your money back. Buy them from a place that has other animals that seem happy and healthy. If they take care of their other animals, they probably take care of their aquarium fish as well.