Given that plants which are cultivated in freshwater, does not only help in filtering out harmful properties that may somehow endanger the health of your aquatic creatures, but a times shield them, if you wish to keep your fish safe in the tank, it’s mandatory that you cultivate the best live aquarium plants for freshwater fish tanks.

And if you already have an idea of what these best live aquarium plants are, great. But for those that don’t have the slightest knowledge of these plants, don’t panic, as we’ll be discussing today on the best live Aquarium plants for freshwater fish tanks.

Without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Meaning of an Aquarium

Before we proceed into the subject matter of the day, it’d be rational for us to first have a recap of what aquarium is, at least to the benefit of those who are not yet acquainted to the word.

In a lay man’s definition, aquarium is simply a transparent water tank where aquatic creatures like fish and plants are being raised.

Most times, it often serves as tourism centres, as people from all walks of life do find time to go on an expedition there.

Now that being said, going back to the topic for today, what are the best live Aquarium plants for fish tanks?

Best live Aquarium plants for freshwater fish tanks

Java Moss

Coming first on our list of the best live Aquarium plants is Java Moss, and here is why. If you’re no stranger to the Aquarian world, you must have probably heard of this species of plant as they are very popular for their protective and shielding properties, which the shrimps most especially uses most especially.

However, if you wish to grow this plant, given that it is always likely to float around if not held by something while growing it, try covering it with either some driftwoods or rock, in order to prevent it from causing some nuisance in the aquarium.

Amazon Sword

amazın swordThis species of plant which is native to South and Central America is one of the most ideal live Aquarium plants for freshwater fish tanks, especially for the beginners.

The good thing about this plant is that one can find it at any aquarium store and get it at a very low price.

And given that Amazon Sword grows very large in an aquarium, it is ideal for beginners who may not have the slightest idea of what to do next.

Also, this plant needs light to grow faster.

Java Fern

java fernThis plant is just like a partner to java moss where they both seem to be shrimp’s best go-to defensive area.

And just like Java Moss, you’ll have to support it when growing them, by using rocks to coat the roots while at the same time making sure that the rhizomes which are used to plant it are not buried.

In a nutshell, not only does it require low lights to grow, it grows perfectly when its rhizomes are being tied to a rock or ornament.


cryptocorynesIf there is one unique thing about this Aquarian plant,is in the fact that they come  in different shapes, colors and sizes(variations). And just like java fern, this plant is no stranger to shrimps, as both of them do act as shields to it.

However, before setting out to acquire one of these plants, have it at the back of your mind that they are very vulnerable, especially when being brought newly into an aquarium.

In other words, when brought newly, they often likely to get into a condition known as “Crypt Melt”, which may cause it to die sooner than expected.

So to avoid this, ensure that rocks are being placed on top of these plants when growing and that it is done so under an average lightning, and a water temperature of 72F to 84F.

Pygmy Chain Sword

pygmy chain swordPopularly known as Narrow leaf, the Pygmy Chain Sword is ideal for both the professionals and pundits in the Aquarium business.

Even though, due to its natural stunted growth, it is always stationed at the edge of every aquarium, if it is being exposed to a good source of lighting, it can actually grow into a bundle of thick and strong foliage, without the need for fertiliser.

What’s also good about this plant, and another reason why it is so ideal for beginners is because it requires little to no keep up skills in order to grow it.

Meaning, if you’re looking for a live plant whose cultivation process will be stress free, then Pygmy would certainly be the right option.

To wrap it up, deciding on what live Aquarium plant is best for your freshwater fish tank depends on how you want to run your aquarium. For Instance, if you’re a busy person, it is  advisable that you grow species such Pygmy, which do not require a lot of attention and so on.