When you are sure to shop for a fish aquarium, you must know the right equipments and accessories that would enhance the longevity and health of your fishes and aquarium.

These accessories include:

  1. Heaters
  2. Buffers
  3. Filters
  4. Gravel
  5. Floss
  6. Food, etc.

In order to ensure the hygiene of your fishes, you must also know all the tips and techniques to keep the aquarium clean and the fish healthy.

The experts always advice you to research well before purchasing the fish and the aquarium. Here are some useful tips that would help you take good care of your fishes and the aquarium:

Some essentials for the aquarium include the following:

  1. Ornaments – Decorations to add beauty and to give playful spots to your fishes.Plants – You can choose from live and synthetic plants. Though live plants need lot of care they perform several functions for the benefit of your fishes.
  2. Gravel – Gravel forms the base of the aquarium. The depth of this layer is defined by several factors like the plants you place in, the number of fishes you add to the aquarium, etc.
  3. Test Kits – This is helpful in testing the water of the aquarium at regular intervals.
  4. Water Treatment – These systems are available in various techniques and is quite essential to maintain the purity of the water, else the ever growing bacteria and ammonia in the water would kill your fish unexpectedly.
  5. Food – Like all living beings fishes need food, so you must have a good supply of food for your fishes. Make sure to read the contents of the food you purchase for the fishes and supply it to the fishes as per the instructions mentioned of the details you receive with the fishes.

Heater Accessories – In order o maintain the temperature of the water in the tank, you would need to plant a heater in the fish tank. This is a must buy in case you are considering to keep some tropical fishes. While purchasing the heater you must take care that the heater’s size fits in to the fish tank. It must not take a lot of space, else it would make your fish uneasy in the tank. Also check that there are various types of heaters in the market, you must know which one suits the best to your requisite.

aquarium maintenance2Some points to remember about maintaining the fishes and the aquarium are as follows:

  1. Gravel maintains the natural resources in the aquarium. You can also consider adding some decorative ornaments in the aquarium.
  2. Adding live plants t the aquarium makes your fish lively and more playful.
  3. In case you are fortunate enough the fish might lay eggs in real plants, they do not do so in the synthetic ones.
  4. Make sure to offer the right amount of food to the fishes. The remaining food settles down in the gravel and generates harmful bacteria.
  5. Most oft you would use tap water to fill in the tank and that contains lot of bacteria and germs, so water treatment is very essential.
  6. Choose your water test kit with lot of care as it must be very effective and should give most accurate results.

Here follows the procedure of making the aquarium:

  1. First of all fill a bucket of water and rinse the gravel washing of the dirt, grime and germs.
  2. Then add water to your tank, once the gravel is purified.
  3. Further add half of the water actually required for the tank.
  4. Next add the ornaments & plants to your aquarium.
  5. This makes the job of additives completed for the aquarium.
  6. Now finally add the tank with the water in full quantity required.
  7. Now use the manual that you have received with your tank. Follow the outlines mentioned in this manual to fill your tank properly.
  8. Next move to placing the heater & filtration systems in the tank.
  9. In order to fit in the heater and filters safely and properly, follow the instructions mentioned in the manual you have received with these equipments.
  10. Finally you add the water treatment system to the tank. This purifies the harmful chemicals form the water like metal, copper, metal and other related elements.
  11. Now before adding the fish to the tank either make use of the specialized products that enable you doing that safely, else we recommended you to wait at least a few weeks prior to adding life to your tank.
  12. A tank filled with water has some natural bacteria that produce naturally. These bacteria must be filtered out of the water so as to keep your fish healthy and safe. So once the water in aquarium is settled, use your test kit to check if the water is perfectly clean or not, it must also be checked that the water has the right temperature and all the chemicals in it are balanced.
  13. Now after the final verification of the water in the tank, add your fish in small quantities.
  14. It is always advisable to keep passive fish in the aquarium rather than the aggressive ones. Some common passive fishes most advisable for the starters are goldfish, otocinclus, plecostemas, etc. These not only are easy to maintain but also keep the aquarium clean.